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Jeff's Story

Jeff and Son
Jeff and Dylan

February 2000
Date of Onset: March of 1999
Time: Over a period of 6 weeks

Jeff became blind, quadriplegic, and on a ventilator over a 6 week period. He was in the hospital for over a period of 275 days, returning home Dec. 23 of 99.

Diagnosis: Severe Multiple Sclerosis
Married to Amy, Father of 3 year old Dylan

It usually does not happen like this. Not this severe, so quickly. Jeff had never been sick a day in his life. In early March Jeff appeared to have a bad cold and cough, and from that moment on our lives began to change.

Jeff began to have numbness in different areas of his body..then his sight was fading in one eye, then the other. Then, totally blind.

Diagnosis: Optic Neuritis. Was told based on his first MRI of the spine and brain that it was not MS. Within a couple of weeks he lay lifeless unable to move. Diagnosis at this time, now after a spinal tap: Severe Multiple Sclerosis.

After being in a nursing home facility, and undergoing intense physical therapy in a rehab hospital, Jeff is now at home recovering. Jeff has regained back some of his sight, and is walking with assistance and a walker.

Most of Jeff's day is spent in a wheelchair. Jeff just returned to work 4 half days a week. We have so much to be thankful for. There is much to be said about Miracles. Our faith in Jesus Christ is what pulled us through, and we are ever so grateful for what the Lord has done and is still doing in our lives.

Jeff continues to receive chemo monthly with steroids, and will continue with the chemo for approximately one year.

Avonex shots are part of Jeff's treatment. He receives these shots once a week to help control exacerbations. Jeff seems to be doing very well. This devastating illness changed our family's life, truly causing us to understand the meaning of faith in a way that we had never quite understood before.

"Gripping the Father's Hand"
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Know someone interested in this story about Multiple Sclerosis or someone discouraged? This story portrays how faith in the Lord Jesus Christ is the true answer to the strength that we all need daily in our lives. Never ever give up hope.

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