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Free Windows Software Tools

Alice Arachnophilia Created with EditPad Lockergnome's Free E-Zines Nonags

Are you interested in 3D graphics, but find the whole process too involved and complicated for a novice? Then check out Alice. It's a 3D "Interactive Graphics Programming Environment." The goal of Alice is to make it easy for novice programmers to develop interesting 3D environments.

Arachnophilia For Win 95 & NT
This HTML development tool imports, automatically converts fully formatted text, tables, outlines from any Windows 95-compliant application. Supports up to 6 Web browsers. Supports CGI, Frames, Javascript development. Fully user customizable toolbars provide frequently used tags.

A replacement for the standard Windows NotePad. EditPad requires Windows 95 or later to run. No additional DLLs or whatever are required.

Eudora Light
Eudora offers you tons of features: filtering your mail & organizing it into folders, multiple signatures, search functions, nicknames and much more.

Internet Resources Database
SEARCH offline...., UPDATE with new information online or via e-mail. Internet Resources Database the ultimate guide to all Internet Resources for your PC.

A huge pre-sorted collection of all types of freeware and some shareware programs, utilities...all kinds of different software.

A very useful program that replaces the standard Windows Notepad text editor. Notespad is a free, full-fledged text editor with wonderful features. Allows opening of many files simultaneously, bookmarking of favorites, customized colors and fonts, macros, a file editor, right-click goodies and lots more.

ViruSafe WEB
Essential freeware virus scanner plug-in, compatible with all Web Browsers. Checks for viruses every time you download files from the internet. Whenever you download a file, ViruSafe WEB will automatically scan it for viruses, before it is saved to the disk. ViruSafe WEB can scan programs, ZIP files and Word documents.

This utility could well help improve your writing skills. WordWeb is a free feature-packed thesaurus/dictionary for Windows 3.1 or Windows 95 that can be used from your word processor or as a stand-alone program. See a screen shot of the Windows 95 version.

YaHoo Mail
Get your own e-mail address. It's free. It's easy. Access e-mail from anywhere. You'll be registered with all of Yahoo!'s services.

Egyptian Gods

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