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The Sister Of The Golden Boy
As the bark sheilds the silver birch with its white and black suit
Their love was like a quilt covering the skin
With rings of gold theyconfirmed their happiness
With kisses of silver they moved on to the essence of life

Before too many years had passed
They found joy in the life that growed
Thanks to their love's physical manifestation
Then came the son, the much longed for

He was a golden child with an angels mind
He gave them all the more reason to move on
His little body was in their arms and his soul dwelled in their hearts
They could smile at everything he said, in pure joy over his existance

The girl came to them when the golden boy was four years old
She seldom smiled and didn't look for their love in the same way
A stranger they couldn't understand
A stranger that the women had carried under her heart

They gave her the necessities of life
They gave her nothing of what the golden boy got so much of
She demanded nothing, lived inside herself, lived alone
Her soul and heart drifted by the wind, like scattered autumn leaves

Their love, like the bark of the silver birch
Had no capability to embrace one so different
She floated through their lives like a distant guest
Loved nobody but one who should have owned her envy

The daughter loved the golden boy
He was the one she would go through fire for
He understood the state of her days
He saw her secret tears
She had him in her heart

The day she left, she kept him in her memory
The memory of what he had been to her
And what she had wished she had been to them
Like the bark of the silver birch
She surrounded the man with her love
When he wished that they would create a new life
She answered no

g. bach

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