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Albany, NY

To: Message Board

ThJuland's MSers' Glen

Greetings !!

Fellow MSers, family, and friends are all affected by this thing we call Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and are all welcome. Because, we each have had different experiences and expectations; quite naturally, we have our own perspectives and opinions.

Consequently, there are neither right nor wrong points of view, each has the same 50/50 chance of being right. All opinions are equally valuable, valid, and correct for that person. Remember, no treatment will cure Multiple Sclerosis until its cause is finally discovered.

two hippopotamus bouncing on line

We have endured much anguish and misery, mostly due to ignorance, fear of the unknown, and blindly trusting the "experts". Yet, no one knows MS better than we do! We must help each other learn, grow, and cope with MS. By sharing our experiences, our knowledge.....our hard earned wisdom!!!

Together... we can !

The cunning foe we battle wages a relentless war; sometimes attacking silently without any visible symptoms. At other times, the damage is so massive the signs are glaringly apparent to everyone.

Change is the one certainty Multiple Sclerosis teaches us, and it remains the only certain fact - known about MS today!! There is no amount of training or schooling, which can compare with having lived through it and with it, day in and day out; where no two days are ever the same.

Most often how you feel, drastically alters and changes throughout each day. Change has become the only remainning constant in our lives. We have each discovered these oddities and have each developed coping mechanisms to help us deal with them.

I know this sounds like we are waging the "good fight"; and surely we are doing that; but, how can we help our loved ones to see our pain without losing their respect? Aren't we quietly suffering, believing we're doing all we can? Trying not to let the doubt, we see in our families' eyes, tear our hearts apart?

When I first learned all of these unexplainably strange, invisible symptoms, pains, sensations, and oddities had been discovered and written about for at least the last hundred years, I was beyond being stunned.

I was livid!!!

How can any of today's Neurologists be so out of touch with reality? How can any doctor of Neurology possibly still think MS is only a physically devastating disorder, which doesn't affect all of the other aspects of self, which constitute a real living, breathing person???

Under Construction We have work to do !! Under Construction

Relax, learn, and explore as you deem best.
Fear not, what you seek will find you.
Every cloud has a silver lining.

Always  look  for  the  rainbow

Together...We Can !

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