The Link
From distant lands so far away,
She found friendship and love,
Although not meeting face to face,
She heard their voices say - she belonged.
This was the Link.

Bound by an illness they found a bond,
With the warmth of their words,
they comforted her with the power of words
so strong,
she knew somebody cared,
This was the Link.

Who would have thought<
the cyber world held such appeal,
that she could communicate with people
that were real,
This was the Link.

Always the sceptic in times gone by,
she found a world not known before,
The bond of friendship,
She felt secure,
This was the Link.

The distance was no barrier, to get in the way,
once feeling alone in her illness
she now saw life a different way.
This is the Link.

She found a purpose, a place to receive,
a place to give,
To share thee laughter and the tears,
to talk through problems, admit the fears,
This is the Link.

The hands of friendship reach out to touch,
There is a highlight in a dull day,
The future she now sees holds so much,
The lonliness no longer in the way,
She sees now a so much brighter day,
This is the Link.

It is our Link.


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Much Love Terri

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