The Wave

An overwhelming wave engulfs you
Struggling to reach the surface,
you gasp for life giving air.
But, there is none.

Your lungs are drenched.
Through blurry eyes you gaze toawrds the distant surface.
Once again dispair encompasses you.
The life is draining from your body.

Your mind is in utter chaos.
Only the negative remains.
There is nothing left to help you float to the surface.
All happiness is gone.

Blindly, with a final effort,
you strive to reach the surface.
Only you sink further in a wallow of self-pity.
Just as your body goes limp, a hand reaches through the cold, black emptiness and warmly leads you to the surface.

Slowly, regaining consciousness,
narrow slits reveal a smiling face huddling over you
Comforting and tending to your every wound.

The healing process has begun,
Realization there is someone in this immense ocean,
Who cares and will always walk beside you .

Over time, only scars will remind of the horrible pain. 
Someone to lean on with the strength to confront your fears 
and problems will never leave your side.

Never again will you be succumbed by the tidal wave.

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Andrea Bundy Albert

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