To Change

On good Saturday I pulled into a handicap parking space at our mall (last minute Easter shopping) and observed a car pull into another handicap space five spaces down - true to life we were the only actual legal handicap cars parked in the 15 spaces for handicap cars.

Out of the car came a little girl struggling with her canes. She could not have been more than 9 or 10. Her mother kept rushing her to move. She looked like she was worried someone might see the spectacle.

I remembered how my mother used to drag me. And I knew from experience she was doing her best on her canes. The little girl had such a sad expression on her face that reached deep down within me. When something clicked in my brain.

(Hey I have MS anything is possible). I did something I have never done before. I got out of my car and forced them to stop and wait for me to get my canes in the back seat of my car. These were clear Lucite ones.

I turned to the little girl and said “I love the color of your canes. I love lavender. Could I walk with you? People do rush me so”. Her face lit up like an Easter lily. “Oh sure she said I won't walk to fast for you”.

Besides I said to the mother, people stare at me and my canes, perhaps they will not think it so bad if we go together. I knew the mother would have liked to strangle me but, she thought it might be politically incorrect.

So we roamed around the mall, and soon we were all laughing and giggling. The little girls name was Stephanie she had MD and her mothers name was Bonnie. The time passed and we had lunch and to soon it was time to leave for home.

I said a tear-full goodbye and happy Easter to Stephanie. And gave her mother a basket to give her from me. As she took it she said, "You know you made her day today, thank you." I stammered something and watched a smiling Stephanie wave goodbye from her car. I had never gotten an address or even a last name.

It was not until I got home that I realized, I had not cursed my canes or that I had MS once that whole time! Then I realized the truth. I didn’t make Stephanie’s day, but she had made mine.

Thank you Stephanie, though you will never read this. I Thank you for helping me so much. And this Sunday I'll sit in church and thank the Lord for giving me the courage to change the thing in my life that I can still change.

For in God’s world with a little love and caring anything is possible...........




Sissy Freeborn  


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