'Today' - Living With MS
Just for today,
I will not be afraid of anything.
If my mind is clouded
With nameless dreads.
I will track them down
And expose their unreality.

I will remind myself
That God is in charge
Of me and mine and
That I only have to accept
His protection and guidance.

What happened yesterday
Need not trouble me today.
This is a brand new shining day
And I have it in my power
To make it a good one
Just by the way I think about it
And what I do with it.

If I live just this one day at a time,
I will not so readily entertain fears
Of what might happen tomorrow.
If I am concentrating on today's activities,
There will be no room in my mind
For fretting and worrying.

I will fill every minute of this day
With something good, seen,
Heard and accomplished.
Then when the day is ended,
I can look back on it
With satisfaction and serenity.

by a MS Friend
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