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Inhibitory Control Of Neostriatal Projection Neurons By Gabaergic Interneurons

Tibor Kos & James M. Tepper
May 1999 Volume 2 Number 5 pp 467 - 472
Center for Molecular and Behavioral NeuroScience and Program in Cellular and Molecular Biodynamics, Rutgers, The State Univ of New Jersey, 197 UnivAve, Newark, New Jersey 07102, USA
J M Tepper


The Basal Ganglia are a highly interconnected network of Nuclei essential for the modulation and execution of voluntary behavior.

The Neostriatum is the principal input and one of the principal controllers of the output of the Basal Ganglia. Neostriatal projection neurons seem to be dynamically and powerfully controlled by GABAergic inputs, but the source(s) and physiological properties of these inputs remain unclear.

Here we use paired whole-cell recordings to show that this inhibition derives from small populations of GABAergic InterNeurons that are themselves interconnected through functional electrotonic Synapses.

Inhibitory Synaptic potentials generated from single InterNeurons are sufficiently powerful to delay or entirely block the generation of action potentials in a large number of projection Neurons simultaneously.

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