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Gabapentin For Spasticity
In Multiple Sclerosis

Dunevsky A, Perel AB
Am J Phys Med Rehabil 1998 Sep-Oct;77(5):451-4
Dept of Rehabilitation Medicine,
Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center,
Brooklyn, New York 11203, USA
UI# 99013183

The use of a recently released AntiConvulsant, Gabapentin, in the treatment of Spasticity in two patients with Multiple Sclerosis is reported.

Gabapentin was chosen because of its GABA-ergic effect and because previously reported studies have shown that it is well tolerated compared with other GABA-mimetic medication.

Satisfactory release of Spasticity with significant improvement of functional outcome was noted in both cases. Both patients were first treated with Gabapentin for one month at 300 mg per day and then, with no reported side-effects, at 400 mg per day.

Before treatment, Spasticity (graded with modified Ashworth Scale) in one patient was 3 for left lower and 2 for right lower limbs, and Expanded Disability Status Scale (EDSS) was 7; ambulation was limited to a few steps with a standard walker.

After two weeks of treatment, Spasticity was 2 and 1 for the left and right lower limbs, respectively. At three-month intervals, Spasticity was +1 for left and 1 for right lower limbs, and EDSS was 6; the patient could ambulate 75 to 100 m with a standard walker.

In the second patient, Spasticity before treatment was 2 for both lower and left upper limbs. EDSS was 5.5, and ambulation was confined to 100 m with a cane.

Spasticity improved to +1 in lower and 1 in left upper limbs after two weeks and to 1 and normal after three months. At three months, EDSS was 3 and the patient could ambulate for long distances without an assistive device.

We suggest that Gabapentin can be used effectively to decrease Spasticity without significant side effects in patients with Multiple Sclerosis.

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