Another Way (with MS)

    My limbs grow tired,  
    invisible weights upon my feet,  
    struggling to appear as before.  

    Hesitant actions  
    in response to my thoughts,  
    the muscles straining,  
    making movement a chore.  

    I knew this might happen,  
    a fear kept deep down inside.  
    My thoughts overwhelm me.   

    I just want to hide......  
    my frailties and weaknesses,  
    my need to have a cry.  
    Will I be the same again?  
    I must continue to try.  

    Talk to God, He'll listen.  
    Close your eyes and pray.  
    When one road is blocked,  
    another is opened your way.  

    Maybe it's time to set  
    the tennis shoes aside,  
    And instead sing of God's glory,  
    in joy and in pride.  

    More than just one gift do I have,  
    from heaven up above.  
    So many gifts to share,  
    in the light of His never ending love.  

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    Jeanne Linnemanstons

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