The MStery

So tell me about this illness you've got,
Is it dangerous or not?
I'm telling you, you look so good,
Are you sure the doctors not misunderstood.

Well I'm feeling fine today its true,
So perhaps I'll go dancing the night away,
And not return till the break of day.

Can you do that is that really safe for you?
Aren't you an invilid so to speak?
Isn't there things you just should not do,
I thought you said you sometimes get weak?

A week has passed how can it be,
That you are now weak and feeling sad?
How can you suddenly be this bad?
Things really do look kind of bleak.

I don't understand it either you know
And please excuse me if, I have to speak slow,
I cannot move from out of this bed,
I don't even think i can lift my head.

How can you look so good and be ill?
I really cannot unnderstand it still,
How is it one day you feel so fine,
And another you seem like you're losing your mind?

This MS thing is a mystery it's true,
Did you say you feel dizzy and wobbly and blue?
Do you always get tired from a walk round town?
I told you i'm up and then I am down.

Sometimes I can't feel my legs or my hands,
Sometimes I feel I'm wrapped in rubber bands,
The fatigue is a nightmare it drives you insane,
And then there is that awful nagging pain.

All I can tell you is yes its strange,
And brings along a lot of change,
But I live my life from day to day,
I keep the faith and I try to pray.

I keep my mind busy,
I eat the right food,
I try to keep positive,
Try to be good.

But without my friends,
I could never get through,
And because of them each day is now brand new.
I mean what more can anyone do??


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Much Love






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