Passing The Torch

I know how heavy lays your heart,
I feel how deep your pain.
Your sorrow and despair
are great, you feel it's all in vain.

Life seems so dull, so empty now,
no purpose can you find.
So desperately you seek relief
from all these ties that bind.

The solace that you long for though,
can't be found in pills or guns.
The battle won't be over then;
the race will not be won.

God did not intend for you
to feel you're on your own.
He knows life's road is often
much to hard to walk alone.

That's why there are those who love you,
who feel your pain and deeply care.
If you will only let them in,
Your burden they will share.

I wish that I could draw you close
and gently wipe each tear.
Hold you through this long, hard night
and kiss away each fear.

It's always darkest before the dawn,
but there is an end to sorrow.
For after each and every storm,
dawns a bright, fresh, new tomorrow.

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Susan Dawson


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