In this bed,
    Thoughts swim around my head,
    Lying here I feel so fine,
    But when I move it feels so strange,
    Like my brain has somehow been rearranged.

    Somebody said,
    In the darkness you will find your strength,
    But the desert land goes on and on,
    Embracing the darkness causes tears,
    And I feel I cannot win.

    In dread,
    Because I cannot hear,
    And my mouth won't speak the words I want to say,
    As one hour drifts into the next ,
    And day into day.

    In my head,
    I know I will recover,
    But it seems like forever when you have no strength,
    And you cannot piece your life together.

    I cannot hide,
    The uselessness I feel inside,
    Trying to be brave and wear a smile,
    So they will not see the tears I cried.

    I will not strive,
    For today is a new day,
    Maybe a glimmer of light shines,
    Through those dark clouds overhead,
    Maybe things will get better,
    Maybe the new day will come my way.

        Love, Comments Are Welcome Terri

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