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The following are all good starting points for MS information. This may seem like a long list, but believe me - it's not even close to being all inclusive.  Smiley

Thin Raindow Line

CLAMS - Homepage:
Computer Literate Advocates for Multiple Sclerosis

InterNet Drug Index

The Place:
A Moderated MS E-Mail Discussion Group

Neurology WebForum Menu: MS Menu

Official Homepage of #multiple_sclerosis:
IRC Chat & Join the #multiple_sclerosis Assembly

Andy's Homepage of Mega MS Links
The Internet's Most Extensive Collection of MS links.

MS CrossRoads:
Best MS Research Source Site

The Multiple Sclerosis Foundation
Alternative & Traditional Medical Information

The World of Multiple Sclerosis:
[Int'l. Fed. of MS Societies]

Doctor's Guide to the Internet: Medical News and Alerts

Immunology & Mechanisms of Food Allergy

MIC-KIBIC at the Karolinska Institute:
Diseases, Disorders & Related Topics

Global Anatomy HomePage
  • Spinal Cord
  • BrainStem
  • Cerebellum
  • Thalamus
  • Avonex <=> Biogen
    Excellent all around MS information

    Berlex <=> BeterSeron
    Slightly biased data, but has a lot of information

    Teva Pharmaceutical Industries <=> Copaxone
    Very good, balanced MS information

    Celiac Disease Support:
    aka Gluetin Intolerance

    NeuroScience On The Internet

    Clickable Muscle mapped diagram

    Archives of Neurology Homepage:

    Solutions - Disability.com:

    Medical Texts
    Anatomy | Immune System | Lymphocytes | Meds
    MHC | Movement | Cranial Nerves | Physiology

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    ANS | Bladder | Cognition | Fatigue | Fluid | Genetics
    Interferons | IVIG | Nitric Oxide | Optic Neuritis | Pain
    Physiology | Prions | Prognosis | ReMyelinate | Steroids
    Stress | Treatments | TNF | Uric Acid | Viruses

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