Bladder Cooling Reflex In Multiple Sclerosis

Ismael SS, Epstein T, Bayle B, Denys P, Amarenco G
J Urol 2000 Oct;164(4):1280-4
Rothschild Hospital, Dept . of Neurologic Rehabilitation and Perineal Explorations, Paris, Cedex, France
PMID# 10992381; UI# 20449447

We describe the effect of IntraVesical ice water instillation in patients with Multiple Sclerosis and without an overactive Bladder.

Materials And Methods
Of 131 consecutive patients with Multiple Sclerosis who presented with a Urinary Disorder we selected for study, 10 men and 29 women with a mean age plus or minus standard deviation of 50 +/- 9 years, who had Multiple Sclerosis without an overactive Bladder.

Nonoveractive Bladder was defined as no involuntary Detrusor (Bladder Wall) contraction up to 400 ml. of maximum fill on routine Cystometry.

We performed Cystometry with saline at 25 to 30C at an infusion rate of 50 and 100 ml. per minute, and with ice water at 0 to 4C at a rate of 100 ml. per minute.

Ice water Cystometry was considered positive when an involuntary Detrusor contraction occurred before 200, and between 200 and 400 ml. of filling.

Ice water Cystometry was considered negative when there was no involuntary Detrusor contraction during ice water filling up to 400 ml.

Ice water Cystometry enabled us to elicit involuntary Detrusor contractions in 21 patients, which remained undetected by warm water Cystometry at rates of 50 and 100 ml. per minute.

The test was positive before 200, and between 200 and 400 ml. in 10 and 11 cases, respectively.

Positive ice water Cystometry was significantly associated with irritative signs or significant post-void residual Urine volume.

An involuntary Detrusor contraction was not elicited by Cystometry at 50 or 100 ml. per minute, implying that the Afferent MechanoReceptor reflex limb via A-Delta fibers is not involved.

In contrast, ice water Cystometry at 100 ml. per minute elicited an Involuntary Detrusor Contraction, suggesting involvement of an afferent reflex limb via Capsaicin sensitive C fibers.

These involuntary Detrusor contractions revealed by ice water Cystometry are probably relevant to an overactive Bladder. In Urinary Disorders such a positive test indicates a Spinal Lesion.

In Multiple Sclerosis it may have PathoPhysiological value, indicating a Spinal rather than Cerebral mechanism of overactive Bladder, and diagnostic value, indicating multifocal DeMyelination.

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