Enermed Therapy Alleviates Fatigue
In Multiple Sclerosis

Energy Medicine Developments:
Multiple Sclerosis Breakthrough
Montreux, Switzerland,
March 5, 1999

Energy Medicine Martha S. Lappin, Ph.D., Research Director of Energy Medicine Developments (North America) Inc., (EMD) of Vancouver, BC, Canada, today presented positive findings on the effectiveness of the Enermed Therapy for Multiple Sclerosis at the 10th. International Montreux Congress on Stress.

In a recently completed multi-site, double blind, placebo controlled study, results showed that the Enermed Therapy based upon pulsed ElectroMagnetic fields, alleviates Fatigue in individuals with Multiple Sclerosis.

These results support previously published research showing the positive effects of the Enermed Therapy in the treatment of MS.

Fraser Wilson Lawrie, President of EMD stated "We were honoured to be invited to present our findings at this prestigious gathering of the world's leaders in the field of BioElectroMagnetics."

He reported that to supplement existing treatment centers in Canada, the Company is pursuing FDA approval for the non invasive Enermed Therapy in the USA. EMD is also studying the effects of the Enermed on Migraine Headaches and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).

Energy Medicine Developments (North America) Inc., is a Vancouver, British Columbia based biotechnology company which offers the patient specific, non invasive "Enermed" pulsed ElectroMagnetic field generator for the symptomatic relief of both Migraine Headaches and Multiple Sclerosis through its treatment centers in Vancouver, BC and Toronto, Ontario.

Research has been completed in the USA at, The Univ of Washington, WA; Neurology Center of Fairfax, VA; and Cooper Hospital/UMDNJ, NJ.

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