AutoAntiBodies Associated With
Myelin Damage

Genain CP, Cannella B, Hauser SL, Raine CS
Nat Med 1999 Feb;5(2):170-5
Univ of California, Dept of Neurology,
San Francisco 94143-0435, USA
UI # 99128054

The molecular mechanisms underlying Myelin sheath destruction in Multiple Sclerosis lesions remain unresolved.

With Immunogold labeled peptides of Myelin Antigens and high resolution microscopy, techniques that can detect Antigen Specific AntiBodies In Situ.

We have identified AutoAntiBodies specific for the Central Nervous System Myelin Antigen: Myelin and Oligodendrocyte Glycoprotein.

These AutoAntiBodies were specifically bound to disintegrating Myelin around Axons in lesions of acute Multiple Sclerosis and the Marmoset model of Allergic EncephaloMyelitis (EAE).

These findings represent direct evidence that AutoAntiBodies against a specific Myelin protein mediate target membrane damage in Central Nervous System DeMyelinating disease.

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