Problem Solving In Multiple Sclerosis

Beatty WW, Monson N
J Int NeuroPsychol Soc 1996 Mar;2(2):134-140
Univ of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, Dept of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Oklahoma City 73190, USA
PMID# 9375198

Problem solving by patients with clinically definite Multiple Sclerosis (MS) was examined using the Wisconsin and California Card Sorting Tests (WCST and CCST).

On the WCST, the MS patients achieved fewer categories and made more Perseverative responses and errors than controls, confirming results of several previous studies.

On the CCST, the MS patients generated and identified fewer concepts, but they performed normally when sorting was cued by the experimenter and they made no more Perseverations than controls.

Although findings from the WCST indicate that the Problem Solving Deficits by MS patients closely resemble those exhibited by patients with various conditions that produce Frontal Lobe Dysfunction.

Results from the CCST indicate that the Problem Solving difficulties exhibited by patients with MS are distinct and probably represent a primary deficit in concept formation.

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