Major Histocompatibility Complex Class II
And The Course & Outcome Of MS: A Population-Based Study

Weinshenker BG; Santrach P; Bissonet AS; McDonnell SK; Schaid D; Moore SB; Rodriguez M
Neurology 1998 Sep;51(3):742-7
Mayo Clinic and Mayo Foundation, Dept of Neurology, Rochester, MN 55905, USA
PMID# 9748020

The Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC) has been consistently associated with susceptibility to MS and the course of several other human AutoImmune Diseases.

A putative association between the course and severity of MS and the MHC remains controversial.

DR and DQ genotyping by either restriction fragment length PolyMorphism or sequence-specific PCR-based typing in 119 patients.

Representing 73.4% of the population with MS evaluated in a cross-sectional disability survey and 100 healthy controls from Olmsted County, Minnesota.

We found a positive association between MS susceptibility and the DR15-DQ6 and DR13-DQ7 haplotypes, and we found a negative association with the DR1-DQ5 haplotype.

We found a trend to a positive association of Primary/Progressive MS with DR4-DQ8 and DR1-DQ5 and an association of "Bout Onset" MS with DR17-DQ2.

We did not find an association with disease severity, as defined by EDSS/duration.

Lack of consistency between different studies may be due to regional variation in MS and limitations of power but likely indicate a minor effect of MHC Class II Genes on the course and severity of MS.

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