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Heat Sensitivity - Causes a transient worsening of symptoms and may make vision blurry (Uhthoff's Syndrome). Bodily functions return to normal, when the body cools off and the Neuron can resume transmitting Nerve Impulses.

- Without its Myelin coating, all CNS tissue is more sensitive to heat and prone to stop transmitting electrical signals (Conduction Block), when the body's core temperature is increased by just 0.5 C.

Hemianopsia - One-sided Visual Field loss. #25

Hemiparesis - Sensory loss or weakness of the face, Arm and Leg on one side of the body. #25

Hemiplegia - Paralysis of one side of the body, including one Arm and one Leg. #28

Histamine - A chemical present in cells (Mast Cells) throughout the body. Its release opens Endothelial Cell junctions in the Venules' Blood-Brain Barrier and upregulates Adhesion Molecules. It is one of the substances responsible for Inflammation, stimulates production of Stomach Acid, and narrows the Bronchi in the Lungs. #30

HistoCompatibility Genes - Are a category of DNA Genes called, Class II Major HistoCompatibility complex Genes. They create the HLA Antigens by which the Immune System recognizes self. #27

Hormone - A substance secreted in the body and carried through the BloodStream to Organs and tissues, where it serves a regulatory function (Hormones travel in the blood and can act, far from the site of secretion).
(Also See: GlucoCorticoid & Pituitary Hormones)

Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) - The Self-Made-Antigen (Major HistoCompatibility Gene) displayed on the surface of all cells that identify them to the Immune System, as belonging to self. These Antigens must be presented with Antigenic Peptides, in order for T-Cells to recognize a foreign Antigen and begin an Immune Response.

Human T-Cell Lymphotropic Virus type 1 (HTLV-1) - A RetroVirus currently being studied that operates in human T-Cells and causes a disease called Tropical Spastic Paraphesis. #27

Hypoxia - Indicates a severe Oxygen shortage in tissue. #17

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