Cytokine mRNA Profile Of Myelin Basic Protein Reactive T-Cells In Multiple Sclerosis

Vandevyver C; Motmans K; Stinissen P; Zhang J; Raus J
AutoImmunity 28: 77-89 (1998)
Dr. L. Willems-Instituut,
Universitaire Campus, Dept of Immunology, Diepenbeek, Belgium

UI # 98442976,

AutoImmune mechanisms involving T-Cell responses to (a) Myelin AutoAntigen(s), such as Myelin Basic Protein (MBP), are thought to contribute to the PathoGenesis of Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

Cytokines may play a central role in the regulation of the pathogenic AutoImmune responses in MS and the mediation of tissue damage in the disease.

To study the Cytokine expression of Myelin reactive T-Cells in MS, we determined the Cytokine mRNA levels in a panel of blood derived MBP-specific T-Cell clones.

Derived from MS patients (33 clones) and normal controls (21 clones), using a novel quantitative RT-PCR method.

Our results demonstrate that MBP-specific T-Cells, both from MS patients and control subjects, predominantly display a Th1- or Th2-like Cytokine pattern.

Although MS clones express higher levels of TNF-alpha and IL-10 mRNA, these differences do not reach statistical significance.

Interestingly, significantly increased TNF-alpha and IFN-gamma mRNA levels were observed among clones derived from HLA-DR2 positive versus HLA-DR2 negative MS patients.

This HLA halpotype (DR2) is known to be associated with MS.

The high levels of TNF-alpha and IFN-gamma mRNA observed in MBP-reactive T-Cell clones from MS patients indicate an important role of these Cytokines in the disease process.

Our data lend further support to the Pathogenic role of MBP-reactive T-Cells in MS.

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