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T-Cell - A type of white blood cell (Leukocyte), whose activities are influenced by its development in the Thymus Gland. These Lymphocytes regulate Cellular Immune responses to Antigens. #27, 22, 25

Tandem Gait - A test of balance and coordination which involves alternately placing the Heel of one Foot directly in front of the Toes of the other Foot. #28

Thalamus - Most Sensory Input initially projects to the Thalamus where Afferent Neurons synapse with Thalamic Neurons, which send projections from the Thalamus to the Cerebral Cortex. The Thalamus also has other functions such as influencing Mood and General Body Movements that are associated with Strong Emotions such as Fear or Rage. #01

Thymus - A small Gland in the Chest above the Heart. The Thymus influences the behavior of White Blood Cells and other elements of the body's Immune System. #25

Tic-Douloureux - See Trigeminal Neuralgia. #25

Titer - A level or strength of a substance such as AntiBodies in Serum. #09

Tolerance - The T-Cell's inability or diminished sensitivity to an Antigen, due to downregulation.

Tract - A bundle of Axons traveling together. In most cases, the Origin and Destination of Axons in a Tract are quite similar. #01

Transverse Myelitis - Inflammation in the Spinal Cord interfering with Nerve function below the level of the inflammation. #25

- An acute attack of inflammatory DeMyelination that involves a section of the Spinal Cord. Paralysis and Numbness are experienced in the Legs and Trunk below the level of the inflammation.
(Also See: MS Hug & Spinal Cord Segments) #28

Tremor - Either with Intention or Sustention indicates Cerebellar damage (Muscle InCoordination). Intentional Tremor becomes more shaky, in direct correlation to your increased concentration to reach, grasp, or do something. #02

Trigeminal Neuralgia (Tic-Douloureux) - Lightening-like, intensely acute pain in the face (mouth, scalp, or neck) caused by DeMyelination of Nerve Fibers, where the Trigeminal Nerve's Sensory Root, for that part of the Face enters the BrainStem.

- Tic (sudden jerk) Douloureux (caused by pain) most commonly strikes inside and outside of the cheek, back across the face towards the ear, and the upper teeth. The AntiConvulsants [Tegretol (Carbamazepine); Dilantin (Phenytoin); Neurontin (Gabapentin)] effectly relieve the pain of Trigeminal Neuralgia. #02, #25, #28

Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF) - A Cytokine released by activated Macrophages, similar to LymphoToxin that activated T-Cells secrete. It enhances activation of T-Cells, and induces proliferation of T-Cells and B-Cells.

- TNF also attracts additional Macrophages and Granulocytes to the site. This prompts Macrophages and other Immune Cells, to release tissue-damaging, Oxygen-containing substances and ProstaGlandins to promote Inflammation. #30

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