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Fasciculus, Medial Longitudinal (MLF) - A Nerve Tract in the BrainStem carrying instructions that coordinate horizontal Eye movements. The MLF coordinates the two Eyes, when they look to the left or to the right.

- A lesion in the MLF interrups that coordination and the Eyes do not turn in precisely the same direction, at exactly the same time. Thereby producing two images in the Brain of the same scene - Diplopia (Double Vision). #01

Fatigue (Lassitude) - Is a debilitating kind of overall weariness, which is unpredictable and out of proportion to the activity. Any increase in your body temperature will temporarily worsen fatigue; conversely, air-conditioning or a cool drink will lower your temperature, enabling you to feel better and continue functioning.
    Causes Of Fatigue
  1. Nerve Fiber Fatigue (Conduction Failure)
  2. MS Process Fatigue (Due To Inflammation)
  3. Fatigue Of Handicap (Increased Effort)
  4. Fatigue from a current infection
  5. Iatrogenic Fatigue (Caused By Medication)
  6. Fatigue from disrupted Sleep
  7. Fatigue associated with Depression
- Even a good night's sleep does not relieve MS Fatigue. You wake exhausted, feeling like it is again time for bed; it may take a few days of total rest, to recover from any over-doings. Fatigue is one of the most common, earliest, and troubling Multiple Sclerosis symptom.
(Also See: MS Fatigue OR: Fatigue In MS)

Fecal Incontinence - Loss of control of bowel movements. #25

Flare-up - See: Exacerbation.

Focal - A specific defined location or structure: of, relating to, being, or having a focus. #12

Focal Deficits - Impaired strength or sensation over a specific, clearly defined part of the body. #25

Footdrop - Impaired or Absent Voluntary Dorsiflexion of the foot. The normal Heel-Toe pattern of Walking (Gait) is disturbed, causing the Toes to touch the ground before the Heel, resulting in tripping and lose of balance. #25, #28

Frontal Lobes - The largest Lobes of the Cerebrum. The Anterior (Front) part of each of the Cerebral Hemispheres, is the control center for Learning, Behavior, Judgement, and Personality. The back part of the Frontal Lobe is the Motor Cortex which controls Voluntary Movements. #28

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