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Uhthoff's Syndrome - A metabolic by-product of exercise, or an increase in body temperature causes a Reversible Conduction Block in a DeMyelinated Optic Nerve, resulting in the temporary loss or blurriness of Vision.

Uhthoff's Symptom (temporary Visual Loss with exercise), is an indication of previous Optic Neuritis damage and is a major risk factor for the recurrence of Optic Neuritis and the further development of Multiple Sclerosis.

Urinary Retention - Involuntary accumulation of excessive Urine in the Bladder. #25

Uveitis - Inflammation within the middle layer of the Eye (the Uvea) between the Sclera and Retina, affecting any of the three parts of the Uvea:
  1. The Iris - the colored part of the Eye
  2. The Ciliary Body - behind the Iris, which makes the fluid inside the Eye
  3. The Choroid - a Vascular lining beneath the Retina
- Uveites includes Retinal Venous Sheating, which represents active Periphlebitis (Sclerosis) that occurs in 10 - 20% of MSers, and symptoms range from mild to severe. Its complications are directly proportional to the extent and severity of the Ocular inflammation. They include: Glaucoma, Cataracts, Macular Edema, Retinal Detachment, and Vitreous Hemorrhages. #31

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