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Ventricles - The four cavities in the CNS that contain the vascular membrane (Choroid Plexus) which secrete CerebroSinal Fluid. There are two Lateral Ventricles (one in each Hemisphere), they connect with the Third Ventricle in the DienCephalon.

- In the MidBrain, the Cerebral Aqueduct connects with the Fourth Ventricle (located between the Pons, Cerebellum, and Medulla Oblongata). Which joins the Central Canal of the Spinal Cord and the SubArachnoid space which surrounds the Central Nervous System.  (Also See: Ventricular System)

Vertigo - The feeling that one's environment is spinning or moving. This feeling is sometimes accompanied by Nausea and Vomiting, and is often confused with Dizziness. #25
 (Also See: Vertigo/Dizziness)

Virus - A living agent, the smallest and simplest form of life, which depends on other living cells in order to reproduce itself. The first known Virus was discovered in 1898. #09

Visual Evoked Potentials - A diagnostic technique for recording electrical response times in the CNS of repeated visual stimuli, a very sensitive way of detecting Optic Neuritis. #25

- Evoked Potential Tests are able to confirm the presence of a suspected Lesion and often will identify the presence of an unsuspected Lesion (Clinically Silent), which has produced no symptoms. They are extremely useful in diagnosing MS and VEPs are abnormal, in approximately 90% of MS cases. #28

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