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   This site is dedicated to all serious MSers
       who want to learn while having  a good time.

     There is much to do and even more to discover, 
     but we can still have a blast while we're doing it!

 So ... grab a pillow, buckle up and dig in.

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These links are for the benefit of anyone wishing to learn about Multiple Sclerosis. IMO, you should begin with the MS Glossary, which details every MS fact I have been able to find.
MS International
- The Canadian Way
Ginny's Place MS World/Chat  

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MS Support Groups & Info

The Place TIE: The Place

Jooly's Joint - PenPal Service  Jooly's Joint - WebPal Service
An International MS Pen Pal Service :-)

Int'l. Fed. of Multiple Sclerosis Societies Multiple Sclerosis International Federation

( My Index of NINDS MS Info) Nat'l Inst. of Neurological Disorders & Stroke (NINDS)
Nat'l Inst. of Neurological Disorders & Stroke
{My Index of NINDS MS Info}

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MS Websites & Friends

Andy Barnes' Mega MS Links

International MS Support Foundation
  • Multiple Sclerosis - FAQ's
  • MS Research
  • Aapo Halko (MS CrossRoads)

    Disability Access:
    In The Canadian Rockies

    MS - SOIE:
    Significant Others Information Exchange
  • SOIE Chat Lounge
  • New Solutions for Health Problems:
    Immunology & Mechanisms of Food Allergy

    An Index of Baylor College's MS Info

    Turku Immunology Centre

    National Multiple Sclerosis Society

    Int'l. MS Support Foundation

    The Myelin Project

    New York State & Local Gov.
    (Library of Congress)

    All the Virology on the WWW


    Slay This MonSter - HBMS:
    Hereditary Biochemical Multiple Sclerosis

    Archives of Neurology

    Antibody Resources

    Basic Immunology and Vaccination

    The Good Doc Listing

    American Medical Association

    The Multiple Sclerosis Foundation - MSF

    Doctor's Guide to the Internet: Medical News and Alerts

    Additional Friends & MS Links

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    "We have traveled far and wide,

               yet we have far to go"


    This is still very much a work in progress, so please overlook the construction mess and drop me a line or two. I'll probably always be adding on new information, sites, and thoughts. 

    So, if you would like me to post some of your thinking here, just let me know...... Together there is much we can accomplish.

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