My 1st Cord MRI Report

11-11-2005 MRI at Albany Advanced Imaging

MR C Spine WO/W Contrast

Clinical History: Multiple Sclerosis

Technical Factors:
Using a 1.0 Tesla superconducting magnet, T1 and T2 weighted sagittal and T2 weighted and gradient echo axial images were obtained. Following intravenous administration of Gadoteridol contrast, T1 weighted sagittal images were again obtained.


  1. There is a 4-7mm area of increased signal on T2 weighted images in the dorsal central aspect of the Cervical Spinal Cord at the C2 level.
  2. There is mild contrast enhancement of this lesion following Gadoteriodol administration.
  3. No other focal signal abnormalities or areas of abnormal enhancement are noted within the Cervical Cord.
  4. Changes of internal disc degeneration are noted at C6-7, with disc space narrowing and posterior Vertebral Body Endplate Osteophyte formation.
  5. There is mild posterior disc bulging at C3-4, without evidence of significant impingement on the Cervical Spinal Cord.
    • There is slightly more prominent disc bulging posteriorly at C5-6.
  6. At C6-7, there is a broad-based posterior disc protrusion with Vertebral Body Endplate Osteophytes, producing some impingement on the ventral surface of the Thecal Sac.
    • There is narrowing of the right C6-7 neural foramen as a result.
  7. Disc bulging is noted at C7-T1, more marked to the left of midline.
  8. There are bone marrow signal changes at C6 and C7, due to Vertebral Body reaction to intervening disc degeneration.
    • There is no evidence of compression fracture, lytic lesion or subluxation.
  9. There is left-sided Foraminal Osteophyte formation at C3-4.
    • There is right-sided C6-7 Foraminal encroachment due to Osteophytes, as previously described.

Also See: Nerve Structures of The Spine


  1. A 4x7mm area of high T2 signal and faint contrast enhancement within the substance of the Cervical Spinal Cord at C2.
  2. Degenerative Disc Disease, most marked at C6-7. There is no evidence of critical Central Canal Stenosis or Cord Impingement.

Cervical Spinal Cord

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