My 4rd MRI Report

9-21-99 MRI at Albany Advanced Imaging

Technical Factors:
Using a 1.0 Tesla superconducting magnet, T1 weighted sagittal and T1 weighted, T2 weighted and FLAIR axial images were obtained.

Diffusion weighted axial images were also obtained. Following intravenous administration of Gadolinium DTPA contrast, T1 weighted axial images were obtained.

Working Diagnosis: Multiple Sclerosis

Exam: MRI Brain, With and W/O Contrast


  1. On both FLAIR and T2 weighted images, two oval HyperIntensities are noted in the PeriVentricular White Matter of the right Cerebral Hemisphere.
  2. There is no evidence of abnormal enhancement associated with either of these rounded signal abnormalities.
  3. Punctate, slightly less well defined HyperIntensities are noted in the left Basal Ganglia and in the White Matter adjacent to the Trigone of the Lateral Ventricle on both sides.
  4. Once again, there is no evidence of contrast enhancement associated with these signal changes.

  5. The Ventricles are normal in size, shape and position.
  6. There is wedge-shaped abnormal signal in the left posterior Parietal Lobe, HypoIntense relative to normal Brain on T1 weighted images, and HyperIntense on T2 weighted images.
    • There is markedly diminished signal in this region on Diffusion-weighted images.

  7. There is no evidence of mass effect or ExtraCerebral fluid collection.


  1. Signal changes in the White Matter of both Cerebral Hemispheres, most marked in the PeriVentricular White Matter of the right Cerebral Hemisphere.
  2. These changes are compatiable with the clinical diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis.
    • Increased signal associated with these changes on Diffusion-weighted images is likely due to T2 shine-through.
  3. Encephalomalacia in the left posterior Parietal Lobe. This may be due to previous trauma or infraction.

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