My 2nd Cord MRI Report

1-06-2009 MRI at St. Peter's Hospital

MR C Spine WO/W Contrast

Clinical History: Multiple Sclerosis

Technical Factors:
Using a 1.5 Tesla superconducting magnet, Sagittal T1, sagittal T2, post contrast Sagittal T1 and Axial T2 images were obtained to the Cervical Spine.


  1. There is normal Cervical lordosis.
    • There is no fracture or subluxation.
    • C2-3 levels are unremarkable.

  2. The C3-4, C4-5, and C5-6 level has mild Degenerative Disc Disease with mild disc bulge.
  3. At the C6-7 level, there is moderate decreased in disc space height.
    • There is Disc Dessication and degeneration and Endplate Discogenic degenerative changes.
    • There is a broad based Disc-Osteophyre Complex which is effacing the anterior CSF space.
  4. The C7-T1 level has a moderate to large size disc bulge.
    • The Cervical Cord is normal in signal and contour.
    • There is no evidence for abnormal enhancement.

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